Worlds smallest readable computer font

November 16, 2010, by A. U. Crawford

Tiny Font

As reported on many other blogs this is the worlds smallest “Readable” font. Designed by computer science professor Ken Perlin, TINY FONT was created because of the growing popularity of tiny screens (smart phones).

The professor wanted to be able to see an entire page of text on a QVGA (320×240) screen. Web Design is a close cousin to Graphic design which is all about font and layout. Custom fonts are only recently being widely used online thanks to CSS3.

One of the cool things about fonts is the fact that a lot of them are optical illusions. If you took a screen shot and blew them up in photoshop a lot of them would look kinda weird. Just like if you were to stand up and take a few steps back from your desk your mind interprets the information differently. You can’t see everything so your mind fills in the blanks.

Like a coffee cup. You can’t see the inside from an angle but mentally you know what the inside and back look like. Depth and color. You can be wrong but that’s not the point. It’s about understanding the basics and possibilities of the shape.

This is one thing I constantly see lacking in Robot A.I.; too much literal interpretation.

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