What to do?

June 13, 2011, by A. U. Crawford


My favorite from xkcd

I remember after graduation that I wanted to go on and do something with my degree. Fate had other plans. I worked two jobs till if fell into my current profession. So I went to school to be an animator and ended up as a web designer. A lot of my friends ended up doing jobs that they didn’t go to school for.

My advice to new grads? Keep your ears and harts open to alternate routs. We learned more in school then just what we went there for. Picking up skills and¬†experiences¬†along the way that make us more agile. I still love animation, though I don’t do it anymore. I don’t love web design but I’ve gotten good at it.

Am I happy? Yes very.

If you don’t know xkcd then check it out. A lot of math jokes but awesome.

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