Visual Thinking

August 24, 2011, by A. U. Crawford

There are many ways to communicate. Pictograms were the first forms of written communication. The unfortunate thing about that type of communication is that without the language culture and environment the images have lost nearly all context. As such this style of communication is best used on the fly to help people better understand and share complex ideas. Not as a form of record keeping.

For example say Stephanie went to her boyfriends house to celebrate him winning a football game. Or we can draw a stick figure of two happy people with martini glasses over a football and a trophy. They mean the same thing. In a few years give the picture to someone else and it means nothing, but show the picture to Stephanie or her boyfriend and it might bring back numerous fond memories. Simplifying the message yet maintaining the context.

hence the phrase a picture is worth a thousand words. Now take this idea and apply it to a business meeting or a teaching session. This has great potential and very soon there will be hired professionals who’s sole job it will be to perform this task at meetings. Just you wait.

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