ROILA Robot Language as related from a web designers perspective

May 27, 2011, by A. U. Crawford


Web Design is about communicating, in computer languages, with the internet. When you write HTML or JavaScript or whatever, what you’re doing is speaking the languages of the internet.

But now there’s an invented language called ROILA or Robot Interaction Language. While HTML programing languages are written languages not meant to be verbalized, ROILA is a more human-like verbal language.

HTML is very easy to learn because it’s much simpler then say chinese or english. It’s also entirely a written language. Which is the reverse of most human languages, which are spoken first then gain a written system later. Many programers will know many programing languages even if they only know one human language.

The problem is that you can’t converse to other humans in programing languages because it doesn’t carry the same amount of information that human languages do. Vice Versa it’s difficult to speak human Languages to a machine because beyond memorized verbal commands. The human brain is still way more advanced at processing sound and information then even the most advanced computers.

So with this in mind ROILA or Robot Interaction Language was created.

ROILA is a spoken language for robots. It is constructed to make it easy for humans to learn, but also easy for the robots to understand. ROILA is optimized for the robots’ automatic speech recognition and understanding.

One day we may all be speaking some form of robot interaction language so that we can tell the Romba to clean something it’s never cleaned before but can figure out what you want based on what your saying.

This is not an example or ROILA but it’s funny.

You can learn more about ROILA from there website

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