No, tables are not dead!!!

November 19, 2009, by A. U. Crawford

I know, everybody hates tables. I also hated tables once. Now that CSS has taken over the duties of layout and design of websites, tables get a bad rap. Poor tables, what did tables ever do to anyone?

While I would never use tables if I can help it yet they do have there uses. Some web designers will say “you should never use tables” since div’s and cleverly concocted CSS can be made to do the same thing, but sometimes that’s just not practical. Why bend over backwards and slam your head into the keyboard trying to make it work when tables are just simpler some times.

Having said that, tables should be used very sparingly. I mean VERRY SPARRINGLY, like only for dynamic data listed in columns and rows or when things just have to line up perfectly. If you can do it without tables then DO NOT use tables. Tables can be messy to work with. Still if it’s going to take a day or even a few hours to make things work without tables, then just use tables; for Pete’s sake. It won’t kill you. Save yourself the time and headache, and remember time is money.

It might take you some practice to learn the eccentricities tables but in the end it’s worth it. Tables when properly understood can be a great ally.

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