How To Listen

September 2, 2011, by A. U. Crawford

When I was in Mid-School, I was a member of a club called Peer Counselors. This club was made up of a group of kids who were taught how to listen. A box was set up on the school grounds where students could write requests to speek with one of the Peer Counselors, in private, about whatever they wanted with the understanding that what they said would never be repeated.

A nice idea, although I don’t know how much a child of that age could be trusted to keep such secret conversations to themselves, but the lessons I received about listening, I have taken with me throughout my life. It’s a shame that the ability to listen effectively was taught to so few. If this was taught to everyone, then I think the world would be that much easier to live in.

I plan to teach this skill to my own children, so that they can benefit from them as I have.

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