History of English

July 25, 2011, by A. U. Crawford

I find all languages fascinating. English being my native language, is especially interesting to me. Unlike Klingon, or Toki Pona or most of the other created languages, English has developed over thousands of years and has gone though many changes.

Rather then write a book about it (already been done), The Open University has created ten one minute videos. This is the History of English in 10 min.

Here’s a bit about The Open University:

OpenLearn gives you free access to learning materials from The Open University.

We launched OpenLearn back in October 2006 thanks to a grant from The William and Flora Hewlett Foundation. Our shared vision was free online education, open to anyone, anywhere in the world. OpenLearn is the result and we have since reached over 8 million people.

Their website is nicely designed and has tons of educational material. It’s really worth a look.

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